Endurance depends on two factors: the amount of oxygen your blood can pump through your body and the amount of lactic acid your body can remove from your muscles. When your condition is poor, you quickly become breathless, sweat profusely and your heart races to supply itself with oxygen.

Your condition also varies with the time of day. Are you a morning person?

Then it’s best to exercise in the morning. It goes easier on you then and therefore you often have more fun. Furthermore, fitness is often between your ears. When you’re mentally tired it’s at the expense of your endurance, but your maximum effort and your VO2-max remain the same. Your VO2-max indicates how efficiently you use oxygen during exercise, so how hard your muscles can work. It is an important indicator of your fitness for pharmaceutical reasons.

How do I get a better condition?

By training regularly you can make sure that your muscles produce more enzymes that break down lactic acid. An example of a workout is an interval training where you do short explosive efforts. Make sure you like what you are doing. Not everyone feels like going to the gym. Fast walking, interval training, running or swimming are great options if you want to improve your fitness. Working out with a friend also has only advantages.

First, you have a stick behind the door and secondly, you can immediately catch up. Important here: do not run too fast. When you start exercising too enthusiastically, too fast and too hard, overexertion is a real danger. Also do not skip the warm-up. Because with a quarter of an hour of warm-up exercises you warm up the muscles and prepare your body physically and mentally for the performance you are about to deliver. This can prevent injuries. But what is a good warm-up? Here are a few tips.

Pregnancy and fitness

Pregnant women also benefit from a good condition. That’s why it’s good to keep exercising and moving around during pregnancy if you can. It also makes you stronger, and could reduce the risk of varicose veins, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia. So if you were already active before pregnancy, keep it up. And don’t let your belly hold you back if you want to get active. Exercise is always a good idea when you are pregnant. Exercising has no risk for the baby, but is good for both of you.

After giving birth, your condition will not be as good as before and it is best to start exercising to work on your recovery and stamina. Do not do this too intensively, because childbirth and the first period after childbirth demand a lot from your body. After six weeks you can gradually build up the sport and exercise again. Walking can be a pleasant activity to start with.